Proudly supporting The Great British Entrepreneur Awards 2021

Because entrepreneurship across the country should be championed and celebrated!

Great British Entrepreneur Awards mockup by Adverttu
Adverttu Wrapped Tesla Model S

Create greener roads with Adverttu's on-vehicle advertising

Stand out with our high-performance, digitally enhanced vehicle advertising

Creative, flexible, backed by data
  • Powerful and memorable branding
  • Most affordable out of home (OOH) media
  • Mobile, target any location and demographic
  • Easy, rapid launch
  • Trackable and scalable
  • 100% EV fleet available
  • All CO2 offset

Awards in numbers

  • 18 award categories

  • 13,000+ strong entrepreneur community

  • Over 100 judges

Great British Entrepreneur Awards - Mockup by Adverttu

Congratulations to the winners of Food & Drink Heroes!

We’ve gifted each of the 12 winners an on-vehicle advertising campaign

We help brands turn heads into customers

Our transit media delivers unparalleled impact and results:
  • Most affordable out of home media
  • Showcase your brand
  • Capture attention
  • Be remembered
  • Grow your business

What our customers say

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    "We thoroughly enjoyed working with Adverttu to launch the car advertising arm of our M... F... campaign. The friendliness and cooperation of the team meant the whole process was a breeze. We highly recommend Adverttu to anyone looking for a more creative and innovative approach to their advertising."

    Jade Hawksworth, International Marketing Manager, Meatless Farm

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    "Our innovative patch technology deserves innovative advertising, which brought us to Adverttu. Its on-car advertising platform means we can target our audience hyper-locally and gain the benefits from eye catching, roving advertising that delivers high-impact, ubiquitous reach into the urban environment. Everything is automated, which makes campaign management a rewarding experience.”

    Sunny Patel, Operations Manager at KAAM

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    "After having cars on the roads for just a few weeks - we saw our order count steadily climb up, and we also started receiving an overwhelming amount of responses from people asking to distribute our product."

    Raido Kereme, VP Growth, Belief Water