2019: A Great Year For Adverttu

Well, that was quite a year we had at Adverttu!

So together, let’s take a look back at our challenges andachievements as we enter the new decade…but if you’re driving then keep youreyes on the road – safety first!

The first half of this year was spent fundraising to enableus to seriously start our growth ambitions and we achieved this milestone inlate summer. That meant we could start our challenge to the Out of Homeadvertising sector and prove that mobility media is here to stay and thatAdverttu is a ‘player’ to be reckoned with!

To prove that point we have now grown the team to 17; all ofwhom are determined to shake up the OOH advertising business. Talent, as theysay, really is a startup’s most valuable asset.

We are also proud to have acquired some customers! The worldof brand marketing and media planning & buying is tough and demanding butwe managed to secure new accounts and have created some very cool campaignsfor our advertiser partners. 

Technology wise, we have developed new algorithms andinnovative computer vision data capture techniques that accurately measureimpressions wherever and whenever our mobile ads are moving or stationary. Andwe have done this all across the UK…so watch this space as our expansion planstake us throughout Europe and into the US in 2020! 

And we launched an exciting and very useful affiliateplatform for our growing community of motorists having partnered with leadingcompanies both large and small including Revolut Bank, Dropless, TransferGo,Vitl, Kerb & Urban to name a few! All of our affiliate partners offer ourdrivers substantial discounts, perks and rewards to make their motoringlifestyle easier and more cost effective! And we grew this community to reachthe Top 100 in Google Play & Apple’s App Store for Lifestyle apps.

So as we mentioned before, Adverttu is leading the way increating a vibrant ‘Mobility Media’ sector and to prove that point our fastgrowing fleet of petrol, diesel & electric cars have been joined by Trucks,Vans, Scooters, Mopeds & Electric cargo bikes!

For Adverttu, 2019 was a brilliant year, but we are soexcited about the future and the fantastic opportunities we see ahead as weenter the new decade in 2020.


Happy New Year! 

Adverttu Team

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