Adverttu, no longer just an OOH provider

What changed for Adverttu in 2020?

2020 is certainly a year of change. 

We started the year in a strong position, an OOH company making waves and growing rapidly.

Then, Adverttu was suddenly in the eye of the storm and the need to adapt was the name of our game. We suddenly faced the question, what do we do when there is no one on the streets? How would we generate impressions? 

The Coronavirus pandemic brought a host of new challenges, but in true Adverttu spirit we were able to overturn these with a new set of strategies. 

Of course, wrapped vehicles remain our company’s core proposition, but we used the lockdown to make huge strides in our mission to make OOH digital. 

So, what’s changed for Adverttu in 2020?

Now we undeniably straddle the traditional media landscape and AdTech world by combining eye-catching OOH display advertising with world-leading location data, enabling us to build sequential messaging across vehicles and mobile devices. 

Below is how our core services look now.

  • OOH Display: Our renowned on-vehicle advertising that gives back to the community by helping drivers earn passive income all the while putting brands on the road
  • Sequential Messaging: On-device mobile messaging that closes the gap between offline and online advertising
  • AdTech Programmatic Extensions: Automation behind the scenes to maximise reach and grow sales rapidly

What does Adverttu now offer in the digital space?

  • Shadowfencing: The ability to deliver a complementary ad to someone’s device as a branded vehicle passes by them. This true one-to-one ad messaging, all in real-time with relevant retargeting, is a UK and European first. 
  • Attribution: Offline to online attribution and physical retargeting to drive online engagement and conversion via web and mobile ads. Retail advertisers can easily measure in-store increases in footfall. 
  • Retargeting: The capability to optimise your Transit OOH media by digitally retargeting a selected audience, either following their contact with your Adverttu campaign fleet or as a programmatic purchase.
  • Geofencing: A utilisation of behavioural, contextual targeting to capture your audience at the right place and the right time in a selected geo region.
  • Swarming: A pop-up event where all cars appear in the same place for maximum visual impact, the opportunity for advertisers to dominate an event centre, competitor location or demographic targeted area (or a specific part of a city).

Changes are good, but one thing has remained the same - our brand safety system that’s core to Adverttu’s value is untouched. All Adverttu drivers are safety checked (valid licence and 5 yr previous motoring offences check). 

No-one can predict what the coming months will look like but you can be sure that Adverttu will be leading the pack. 

If you’d like to download our Media Kit to more detailed information, click here!

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