Adverttu opens up to partnership opportunities after joining forces with Haco Consulting

More than you would initially think! Apart from it being our brand color choice, Adverttu's green credentials are well established!

Having announced our new partnership with Haco Consulting on LinkedIn, it’s time to share how we’re working together.

Haco Consulting specialises in growth partnerships, business development and client retention strategies for ambitious companies eager to grow. Joining forces with Adverttu was a natural fit and enables Haco Consulting’s clients to:

  1. 1.      Promote their brand using Adverttu, thanks to the benefits Haco Consulting has access to
  2. 2.      Tap into our 17,000+ driver community through our compelling affiliate offering

With so many marketing channels available, businesses must focus on those that are memorable, measurable and attributable.

Adverttu ticks all those boxes and we’re calling out to innovation firms who want to experience the Adverttu way.

We’re constantly expanding our ecosystem of innovation and mobility partners within startup accelerators, incubators, mentors, and growth and marketing consulting firms.

Do you fit these criteria?

You might work in a complementary sector like FinTech, HealthTech, MarTech, InsurTech or AdTech.

By partnering with us, you can:

  • ·       Lean on our mentors, especially if you run a former advertising and mobility startup
  • ·       Access our services at a preferred rate
  • ·       Engage our 17,000+ car owners in the UK, serving as an affiliate audience or focus group
  • ·       Enjoy rapid time-to-market, with affiliate partnerships active within a day (if needed)
  • ·       Ride the waves we’re making as the UK’s fastest growing transit media platform.

Sound enticing? Message us on to talk.

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