Adverttu White Paper Analyses COVID-19’s Impact on Transit Media OOH Audiences

New white paper explores effect on audience densities and advertiser behaviour

6th May 2020 - Adverttu’s new white paper has analysed the impact COVID-19 is having on addressable audiences within UK OOH (out of home) transit media as well as the immediate and longer term effects on brand and agency decision-making and planning.

Titled Transit Media Audience Measurement and COVID-19’s Impact, key issues addressed include:·   

·       A 31% reduction in addressable audiences (on average) compared to pre COVID-19 levels

·       Hour by hour analysis of private car usage and associated drive time trends

·       Reductions in public transport, motor traffic and pedestrian traffic (80%, ~62%, 85%+)

Adverttu’s white paper also covers how deterministic and probabilistic datasets ensure accurate impressions and reach analysis. Adverttu’s own journey profiling data, collected through its 17,000+ fleet of drivers, has been combined with third-party data sources such as HM Government, Department for Transport, Vivacity Labs and other urban mobility data providers.

The report then concludes with a series of data predictions and projections on:

·       How OOH transit media will adapt as lockdown measures are gradually lifted

·       An expected bounce back in motoring and pedestrian densities

·       The response and action advertisers are taking

·       A general easing of the ad spend hiatus currently affecting the OOH sector      

Artjom Jekimtsev,CEO and founder of Adverttu, said: “Everyone in our industry knows out of home audiences have softened, but by how much? We have used our data and platform to understand what that percentage really is. As soon as the pandemic escalated, many advertisers cut their outdoor advertising budgets drastically, although as our analysis demonstrates, in many cases, this reduction in ad spend doesn't reflect new normal audience numbers. We will continue tracking these trends and sharing this data in future reports.”

Download Adverttu’s white paper here.

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