Buck those trends! Are you an advertising maverick?

Calling all you advertising mavericks, trailblazers and pioneers out there!

It’s an exciting new decade so what barriers are you going to tear down? Which innovations will you capitalise on? What amazing new trends will you spot in the advertising world?

Most trends are fickle things, though occasionally one changes the marketplace for the better.

The difficult part is identifying which trends to explore and moving faster than everyone else.

Take fashion. It’s full of cyclical trends, plenty of which should’ve perhaps stayed dead, and once in a while one resurges strongly. We still can’t believe cargo trousers are back (who championed that one…), but then there are bum bags…

The first person who suggested bringing those back was probably laughed out the room but now everyone’s wearing them, just over the shoulder instead of around the waist. Reinvention is a powerful tool!

Fashion trends are often about reworking styles from the past to make them relevant today. What’s to say advertising is any different?

What about a traditional advertising medium with a hyper-digital twist?

As a brand manager, you’ve measured on audience engagement but how do you deliver?

Whilst everyone else frets over fake news, dodgy influencers and figuring this TikTok thing out, why not be a real advertising maverick and enlist the help of a proven channel – outdoor –  that’s been augmented with digital capabilities – mobility advertising?

Forget your mistaken view that out of home advertising is costly and difficult to measure. Adverttu has strapped a hefty engine onto the medium to transform it into an easy-to-track, cost-effective, targeted channel unmatched in versatility.

Vehicle wraps themselves are nothing new but our refreshing twist on an old favourite certainly is.

Who wants a giant stationary billboard when your message could travel with your potential customers, popping up next to them at the traffic lights or parked up where they do their weekly shop? How about a swarm of vehicles in front of a transit hub?

And in terms of measurement (it always comes down to metrics), Adverttu provides media planners and buyers with pre-launch campaign simulations with accurate CPM cost and reach analysis. Once campaigns are running, our driver app provides GPS vehicle journey profiling data for accurate audience reach measurement, granting you crystal-clear insight into how your campaign is performing at all times.  

It takes guts to stand out from the pack, but someone has to do it. Plus, being a trendsetter is far more fun than following the herd.

Be an advertising maverick by running one of those cool campaigns people share on LinkedIn.

Come on, we know you want to…

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