Calling all EV drivers, we need you!

The future is EV and Adverttu has amazing news regarding more sustainable ways of advertising. 

We’re excited to reveal that our latest campaign will be launching very soon and this one is an excellent passive income opportunity for anyone driving an electric vehicle.  

Adverttu is searching for EV drivers in and around Central London who want to:

* Earn up to £175 per month 

* Support an amazing sustainability cause 

* Put your EV to even better use promoting the benefits of a greener lifestyle

* Jazz up your vehicle with some seriously cool visuals

There are tons of reasons to go electric with your car or van, whether that’s reducing your carbon footprint, helping to create cleaner air, cutting your fuel bills, proudly supporting the latest advances in motoring technology, or simply because it’s the right thing to do. 

We’ve talked about our own environmental credentials before and many of these values are shared by  our new partner who will be working with us.

If you have an EV and want to take part in this campaign, download the Adverttu app on iOS or Google Play today, or just drop us an email at

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