Finding your audience in the “New Normal”

At last, the lockdown is finally being eased and here at Adverttu our team has been doing a deep dive into where your audience is. 

Why is this important? 

This insight makes it possible for us to foresee how the pandemic affects your business and the campaigns we run. 

Today we want to share a very interesting trend our Operations Team has been updating weekly - how has the pandemic affected roadside traffic? 

Like any business during the lockdown, we’ve faced some challenges. Our main concern was, and always is, the safety of our drivers. 

At no point did we want to ‘force’ anyone out onto the roads, even though we know how much many of you wanted to make some extra passive income. 

This research and behaviour made something really clear to our team.

Personal safety has become a major priority for most of us and the mobility indices for walking and driving have increased significantly compared to those using the London Underground. 

What have we learned? 

The latest data for Tube usage is 9% of normal levels (for 2nd June). We can also draw upon searches for the “London Tube Map” on Google to support our data, which shows only 20% of people who used to take Tube are back to normal.

As for the transit mobility indices inside the general UK, we are seeing 49% of transit mobility compared to pre-COVID.

More pedestrians on the streets means more impressions to a brand; more impressions means more happier brands, more campaigns, and more drivers ready to have their cars wrapped. 


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