Fleet Advertising – Everything You Need to Know

Our guide to on-vehicle advertising for fleets.

We provide an excellent solution for fleet owners and companies with fleets to make additional revenue by offering on-vehicle advertising to fleets. By partnering with Adverttu, we can provide you with the advertisers, vehicle wrapping, and campaign tracking. While your drivers are moving with your fleet, our advertisers’ ad campaigns will turn heads and generate impressions. 

How does fleet advertising work with Adverttu?

We do the heavy lifting, ensuring we find advertisers, wrap your vehicles, track campaigns and driver locations. And, of course, we make monthly payments directly to your bank account. 

In just three easy steps, you can put your fleet to work and start earning extra money.

  1. To register your interest with Adverttu for fleet advertising, you can send us a registration request. This is a simple form that requires some of your details. Our team will then call you to provide more information about our fleet advertising.
  2. Our team work continuously to find brands to work with who wish to advertise with us. The brands will then be brought to you, giving you the freedom to decide whether or not you would like to wrap their ads on your vehicles. 
  3. Once you’re in a campaign, the Adverttu team handles everything for you. This includes monitoring the on-vehicle advertising campaigns to making monthly payments. We will also ensure your vehicles get wrapped and you are up to speed with how our system works. In addition, we have a brand safety system that is core to our processes. All drivers and vehicles will be safety checked according to our safety standards. This is both to protect our advertisers’ brand and the drivers themselves. 

Why choose fleet advertising?

Choosing fleet advertising and partnering with Adverttu provides you with an opportunity to earn your extra fleet revenue. On average, our fleet partners add £100k in extra income by monetising their fleets with our on-vehicle advertising! This additional revenue could cover your annual costs for fuel, insurance and more.

An extra benefit to campaign tracking is that your fleet driving will be monitored, which can be used to lower your insurance premiums. In addition, you don’t need to worry about the paintwork of your vehicles, as our vehicle wrapping is safe and does not scratch or damage vehicles in any way. 

If you think your fleet would benefit from partnering with us and earning money through fleet advertising, please contact our team today! We would love to hear from you. 

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