Growth Rocket Q&A

Scaling a rapidly growing on-car advertising platform requires rapid minds.

Ultra-fast decision-making, affirmative action, crystal clear vision and adaptability are all essential, and it’s not only the business’s collective capability that’s necessary to excel in the marketplace and open upa large competitor advantage.

There’s the need for individual drive, agility and insightfulness. The list of characteristics goes on, but one quality stands out beyond the rest….

Passion. Lots and lots of passion.

Earlier this month, our CEO and co-founder, Artjom, was interviewed by entrepreneurial celebrator, Growth Rocket, in a fascinating Q&A that delved deep into Adverttu’s engine.

Artjom covered the highs, the lows and everything that makes our exciting company what it is today.

He shared, “I am confident that we have one of the strongest teams in the industry, and countless times I saw our team accomplishin gmiracles by overcoming deadlines that established industry leaders considered impossible.”

The joint passion running through our entire team is what drives Adverttu forward and underpins the rapid growth we are delivering day by day.

And the most exciting thing is we have only just started our journey. We’ve merely pulled out of our parking space with the glistening horizon in the distance and the joy of an empty road.

Read more in our latest Q&A here.

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