How Adverttu’s Digital Integration Sets Us Apart From The Rest

Adverttu is Europe’s first platform to offer smart digital integration by transferring vehicle advertising to mobile devices in real-time. Find out how this improves campaign results.

Adverttu is proud to be able to offer a digital and modern approach to transit media.

As Europe’s first platform to offer smart digital integration by transferring vehicle advertising to mobile devices in real-time, we offer a number of benefits that others do not. For example, with Adverttu, you can boost your campaign results with mobile display ads to inspire action online, drive sales or website visits, grow app downloads and users, build your brand, and generate more retail store visits.

With some of the clever technology we have incorporated into our campaigns, along with our app, Adverttu offers a truly modernised on-vehicle advertising solution for our advertisers. We want to be ahead of the pack in taking your offline campaigns and incorporating them with online campaigns for a truly integrated marketing campaign. 

Here’s what sets us apart from our competitors.


Shadowfencing has allowed the digital integration of OOH marketing, keeping the industry up to date with the modern digital marketing efforts favoured by organisations. Now you can reinforce your OOH campaign’s message digitally.

Shadowfencing offers the ability to deliver a complimentary ad to someone’s mobile device as your branded vehicle passes them on the street or the road. This allows for a fully targeted, real-time advertising campaign. At Adverttu, we are proud to offer this as a UK and European first. 


Track and monitor the attribution of your on-vehicle campaigns. Our digital integration allows you to monitor exactly who came from your Adverttu campaign. This way, it is simpler than ever to measure the ROI of your OOH campaigns. 


Retargeting is now an essential aspect of any digital marketing strategy. With the digital integration of our services, you can supplement your OOH campaign by following your audiences online with your Adverttu campaign. This increases the chance of a conversion.


Smart geofencing can be used to target specific audiences and the right time and place. By choosing your selected geo region, your on-vehicle advertisements can be supplemented with additional ads as your audience enters a store, for example. 

Swarming events

Unique to Adverttu, our swarming events are a great added extra to your OOH campaign. Swarms are pop-up events where all the vehicles with your branding appear in the same place simultaneously, creating a huge visual impact.

A swarming event allows you to dominate a particular area with your brand message. This area could be an event centre, competitor location, or targeted area (such as a city centre location for a store opening or product launch). These events are an exciting way to utilise OOH media and create a buzz around your brand. 

Advertise with us 

An on-vehicle advertising campaign with Adverttu will raise your brand awareness and accelerate business growth. With our market-leading smart digital integration, we can provide all the campaign tracking data, allow for retargeting and boost your campaign with mobile ads!

Let us be your first choice for exceptional outdoor campaigns. Get in touch today with our friendly team for more information. Why not take a look at what our previous clients have to say with some of our case studies! 

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