How Adverttu Swarming events enhance brand awareness during a campaign

What is a swarming event, how does it capture attention and how we do attribute sales to an event?

Thanks to new technology, Adverttu’s OOH offerings have radically improved the advertising industry and by reimagining what OOH can do, Adverttu is pushing the limits of what’s possible with our products. 

One such product is what we like to call a ‘Swarming event’. These events harness the flexibility of our medium and translate it into a powerful and incredibly visual message – all whilst communicating your message in the perfect place at the perfect time.

As the name suggests, Swarming events are day(s) in which all (or part) of your fleet in any campaign can be directed to drive or congregate to a specific location at a predefined time. The cars can be either driving or parked together.

This is particularly successful when put in-market alongside special events that are relevant to your brand – one good example is to imagine 30+ cars, wrapped in a food brand’s creative, all driving around Regent’s Park when the “Taste of London” food festival is on.

This creates a true mixed-media approach that reaches audiences at each stage of the sales funnel – increasing a brand’s recognition and boosting campaign effectiveness.

Couple your physical OOH campaign with Adverttu’s new and Europe-first digital offering (Shadowfencing), and you can take this to yet another level.

Attribution is sometimes an overlooked part of any OOH strategy, but it is a very important and revealing metric that lets your brands know precisely how a campaign is performing. 

Adverttu is the first media provider to be able to attribute physical retail visits to its wrapped cars. Meaning, that you can now know how many people have visited your store, or who has bought your products online after being served a physical ad.

The way we show this information to our customers is through their own personal dashboard, which can be accessed at any time and is updated every few minutes, providing you with complete transparency and monitoring capabilities.

Customers are always impressed by the amount of granular information they are able to dive into and how they interact with this helps optimise our technology. 

When looking at the success of a Swarming event or the attribution of a specific campaign, Adverttu compares the uplift of impressions generated by the events to the industry’s average conversion rate - giving us an accurate picture of the success of each individual event. 

We are now entering an era of ultra-personal and multichannel advertising, and when one brand choses to go out of their comfort zone to create a true 360º marketing strategy that touches their audiences at all parts of the sales funnel, especially when that funnel has specific locations or times, that’s when they separate themselves from the pack. 

Choosing Adverttu for an OOH campaign means leaving behind the hunches and swapping that guesswork for data.

This is why clients like Meatless Farm, Shift and Medex trust us. And why complementing any social media campaign with an OOH campaign has been proven to create an effective mix-media strategy. 

And if you still need convincing on how OOH campaigns are the perfect advertising medium to complement other media channels, giving marketers the opportunity to create powerful new mixed-media approaches that reach audiences at all stages of the sales funnel, please have a look at the article written by the guys at Facebook for Business titled "Maximize Reach With Out-of-Home and Facebook Campaigns in EMEA"

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