How do Adverttu OOH Campaigns Give Value to Brands?

What sets Adverttu apart from traditional OOH companies out there?

We innovate. Relentlessly. 

Everyday our team uncovers new ways of doing things. Our product team are experts at rewriting the rules.

Adverttu undeniably straddles the traditional media landscape and AdTech world. We do this by combining eye-catching OOH display advertising with world-leading location data, enabling us to build sequential messaging across vehicles and mobile devices.

Did you know? We’re the only (and first) company in Europe and the UK to develop an OOH offering that can digitally retarget people as a branded car passes them.

It’s called shadowfencing and it’s just one capability of many that makes us utterly unique.

Heard of Meatless Farm? Yeah, that cheeky vegan food brand. They’re using these capabilities. Other Adverttu customers are too. 

In addition to all that, it’s important to recognise that we deliver that OOH’s core benefits exceptionally well too. Familiarity, consistency and memorability all earn trust over time and credible OOH campaigns deliver that in bucketloads.

Independent data gathered on the subject highlights how brands using OOH alongside their digital strategies have benefited. 

Advertising out of home cements a company as a legitimate business while simultaneously positioning it above competition in a big, bold way. No more bidding wars with social media ads. Wave goodbye to changing algorithms and underperforming targeting. 

If you still need convincing, we have the Adverttu Impressions Promise (see below) - an estimation prior to launch and an agreed guarantee of what we’ll deliver regardless of time in market. 

This compelling blend of transparency, brand fame and collaborative working is why companies like Meatless Farm, Shift, Medex and others are hitting the roads with Adverttu.

And if you still need convincing on how OOH campaigns are the perfect advertising medium to complement other media channels, giving marketers the opportunity to create powerful new mixed-media approaches that reach audiences at all stages of the sales funnel, please have a look at the article written by the guys at Facebook for Business titled "Maximize Reach With Out-of-Home and Facebook Campaigns in EMEA".

If you’d like to learn more about Adverttu or are interested in launching a campaign with us. Please don’t hesitate to contact Remy Carmona at

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