How location based digital marketing can supercharge OOH advertising?

The OOH industry is famed for its benefits - familiarity, consistency, memorability and the fact campaigns earn trust over time. Brands that make use of OOH enjoy higher trust ratings, customer confidence and customer loyalty. 

Nonetheless, even with these advantages in mind, many brands flock to digital media over OOH, mislead to believe that it’s a smarter swap. So, why is it still important that brands use OOH advertising?

Two words: brand awareness

Our widespread usage of mobile phones on the go presents an excellent opportunity for brands to rethink how they gain brand recognition with traditional OOH advertising. 

Lumen Research suggests that a combination of OOH and digital media can boost a consumer’s attention, increase social engagement, and create stronger memory bonds with brands. 

On the other hand, the unparalleled rise of performance marketing has backed traditional forms of advertising into a corner while at the same time lowering the entry barriers for winning consumer attention at scale. 

Suddenly, the web became a noisy place, where users were overwhelmed with brands trying to stand out from the crowd. 

According to MAX (Mobility Activity Index), online user behaviour on mobile devices is more spontaneous outdoors, which allows customers to be more prone to impulses than if they were indoors. 

Here at Adverttu, we understood how to overturn the challenges of short online attention spans. We also recognised the stronger emotional triggers evoked by OOH media. 

A solution was born, and the UK’s first digital Shadowfencing solution came to life.

Adverttu combined Mobile Display Retargeting and Transit OOH to those already experiencing real-time connectivity with their device just having seen a car wrapped in Adverttu’s designs.

Making use of OOH advertising is key for reaching the masses on the go, but how to do that during a massive global pandemic? Adverttu’s blended strategy for OOH and digital advertising can be the answer.

Adverttu can select only the vehicles that are frequenting the areas your audience is currently allowed to go. As the government restrictions are loosening up, the audience is likely to start frequenting more locations other than their limited go-to places during lockdown.

Mix this dynamic location-based OOH format with our digital Shadowfencing options, and you’ve now found a new way to tap into your audience’s movements, current behaviour and favourite places!

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