How to Incorporate OOH Into Your Marketing Strategy

Our guide to getting started with OOH advertising

Despite the digital marketing take over, out-of-home advertising remains an effective traditional advertising method, gaining incredible results for companies across the globe. More than just a billboard or bus stop ad, a completely integrated OOH campaign can reach thousands and increase brand engagement. 

To make it as simple as possible to integrate OOH into your marketing strategy, at Adverttu we are harnessing the power of digital to enhance OOH campaigns. It is easy to turn heads and gain momentum for your campaign with our on-vehicle advertising. We can help to launch your campaigns wherever and whenever you want! 

Why integrate out-of-home advertising into your strategy?

It’s simple – Results! Across the UK, OOH ads have a very positive impact on audiences, with statistics showing that 98% of the population are exposed to an OOH ad at least once a week, generating impact and great potential for engagement and brand awareness.

Transit media is particularly effective at catching people’s attention during their day-to-day activities, such as commuters, university students, parents, families, and shoppers. OOH advertising is also particularly effective amongst younger audiences, as they communicate the messages they see within daily life with friends and family.

In addition, researchers have measured how out-of-home advertising has an impact on your online ads. Results have found that 17% of consumers are more likely to engage with an online or mobile ad if they were previously exposed to the brand messaging through an OOH campaign. 

When considering incorporating out-of-home advertising into your marketing strategy, there are several types of OOH Advertising: 

- Billboards

- Vehicle Advertising

- Street furniture

- POS displays

- Bus shelters

- Kiosks

Understanding where your audience is

To integrate an OOH campaign into your marketing strategy, a key element of research and planning is deciding where to focus and who you will be targeting. For OOH to be successful, you must know where your target audience is based. This requires you to define your target market. Here are some essential questions to answer:

- How old is your target audience?

- Are your target audience working professionals, and what is their average salary?

- Are you attempting to target people living in a specific area?

- What is the gender of your target market?

Having this data will allow you to target your ads in areas you are likely to gain the attention of those you most wish to engage with. For example, companies wishing to reach university students would choose city locations around campuses and popular hangout spots to gain the attention of this audience. 

Creating your OOH ad campaign

When designing the ads for your OOH campaign, consider keeping the design simple but eye-catching. Text should be kept to a minimum, so your message makes an impact within seconds, whilst your colour choice can be bold and attention-grabbing to get heads turning. 

On-Vehicle advertising with Adverttu 

At Adverttu, we take OOH vehicle advertising one step further using our very own digital integration. Our geo-fencing technology allows clients to track the results of their OOH campaign by calculating how many people passed the wrapped vehicles. What’s more, we can serve retargeting ads to people who saw your campaign, keeping your brand front of mind. 

By getting in touch with our team, we can discuss setting up a campaign that works for you! With our step-by-step process, we will discuss your marketing objective, project the outcomes of a campaign, propose a plan, find drivers and wrap vehicles with your branding, track results, and optimise your campaign with additional extras for best results.

So, if you want to advertise with Adverttu, get in touch today. 

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