How to pick a winning startup name?

Oh, and Adverttu features on Techworld…

Starting a new business is exciting but it requires a lot of time, dedication and important decision making. One of the most important choices is what to call your baby.

There are so many factors to take into consideration.

Is it unique?
Will it connect with customers?
Is it even readable?
Will it resonate in several years?

The list goes on...

As a fast growing AdTech startup, we know a thing or two about this…

Take Adverttu.We wanted something memorable, intriguing and exciting, so we combined two characteristicsof our business - virtuous and advertising.

Boom! Adverttu was born.

Techworld recently wrote about how to pick a winning startup name and Adverttu’s CEO Artjom Jekimtsev shared his tips alongside other expert advice.

“Avoid SEO-awkward hyphens, difficult spellings or uncommon top-level domain formats. Everyone remembers unfortunate contractions like”

Don’t we all…

With over 300,000 monthly online readers and over a decade of experience in business technology reporting, it’s fair to say Techworld is a well-respected publication within our industry and we’re extremely excited to have contributed to the conversation.  

Take your time planning, be unique and don’t forget what can make or break your company’s name!

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