How will this new lockdown affect roadside traffic in the UK?

So it’s official. The UK is in a second lockdown for one month and the question at Adverttu is: How will this new lockdown affect roadside traffic in the UK? 

As was the case during the first lockdown, personal safety is a major priority for us and the mobility data for walking and driving at the time increased significantly when compared to those using public transport like the London Underground.

Will this be the same with this second lockdown? 

How will Adverttu find your audience, if everyone has to #StayHome? 

That’s the beauty of our format. We are not bound to the singular location of billboards or set commuter locations such as bus routes or fixed street furniture. 

Adverttu is unique in that our inventory (cars) is found where people are.

If there is a road, Adverttu has inventory. 

As you can see in the "UK mobility indices" graphic below, on 23rd June we experienced a decrease in the number of people driving, walking and taking public transportation. Since mid and late June walking and driving volumes returned to normal and walkers increased by 27%, more than normal mobility, and then started decreasing to 105% of normal walking on 3rd of November, once the second lockdown was approaching.

Overall, the UK’s public transport experienced a huge drop during this period. Our private driving and walking routines are almost the same as before. Also, general UK transit is around 60% of what it used to be.

So what does this mean for your audience? 

We want to emphasise that Adverttu can help businesses target their audiences whilst they are going about their day to day whilst in a lockdown. For example, grocery and essential shops and exercise. 

Adverttu can select vehicles that are frequenting the areas your audience is currently allowed to go. Just because your audience is no longer frequenting their usual office space, does not mean they aren’t out and about in line with government restrictions.

Mix this dynamic location-based OOH format with our digital shadowfencing options and you’ve now found a new way to tap into your audience’s movements, current behaviour and favourite places!

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