If Christmas Ads Were Adverttu Cars

Christmas is right around the corner, 2020 is finally at its end and we decided a blog to celebrate the holidays  after a year like this one would be fun! 

This week, our team chose our favourite five 2020 Christmas ads that make the best of a tough year, and thought: "What if these Christmas ads were Adverttu cars?". 

And so, here we are, adding a little extra spice to these amazing campaigns.

Bumble, Helena Bonham Carter

This year's Bumble ad has Helena Bonham Carter as the godmother of dating. Written by Charlotte Adorjan and directed by Cloé Bailly through Caviar, the ad showcases the efforts of singletons during the coronavirus pandemic. As singletons know first-hand, the 2020 dating scene was a tragedy. 

What about if Adverttu could help to give you an extra push?

Imagine you are walking along the street on your way to work or to buy some groceries, and you see a Bumble vehicle, all yellow, with Helena Bohnam Carter on the side. You receive a notification and bam! There it is on your phone, complete with all the people that share the same interests as you. 

Bumble can you bring you closer together, Adverttu can give the brand an extra push. 

Be bold, Bumble. Make the first move. 

Disney, ‘From our family to yours'.

This year, Disney’s Christmas ad made all of us that live away from our families miss them a little more than usual. 

So, what if we could bring families together, setting up a Disney+ session on Christmas night when all of the fams could sit together at the same time and watch a Disney movie together? 

But what does a car have to do with that? Well, this could be an exclusive offer for those who spot Disney-branded Adverttu vehicles around the UK. 

Disney, what do you think?

It would be a magical Christmas. A treasure hunt where the prize is a movie session with the family. 

Just Eat, 'Doggy Dogg Christmas'

Snoop Dogg is back, but now in the form of a rapping canine puppet in Just Eat's festive ad, in which the dog rapper gloats about gold-leaf burgers, jerk chicken and "burritos dropping down the chimney".

How could Just Eat come up with an OOH campaign using Adverttu

Seriously, you didn't think about Doggy Dogg delivering meals around the UK with some awesome wrapping on his vehicle? That's what grabbing some attention’ means. 

A dog driving a car in a Just Eat wrapping design. Extra points for the pun on the word ‘rapping’.

LEGO, 'And I think to myself.'

Set to a (rather surreal) version of What a Wonderful World, the ad showcases the many ways in which LEGO can encourage creativity in children, from princesses and knights up to a Star Wars inspired fight where Stormtroopers are attacking the kids’ imaginary world. 

More creative than a child building its own world is Adverttu’s team creating a LEGO inspired campaign all over the UK’s roads.

 McDonald's, 'Inner child.'

McDonald's animated Christmas ad stars a moody teen and his mum as they spend the holidays together, picking up some carrots for Santa's reindeer along the way. The brand is encouraging the public to embrace their inner child this festive season.

So we want to join forces with McDonald’s and keep on encouraging everyone to embrace the Christmas spirit, especially during this difficult year. Who is up for a car hunt around the UK? The prize? The person who finds the most vehicles gets 1 year free of McDonald’s. Not too shabby!

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