Meatless Farm and Adverttu Launch Bold Electric Car Advertising Campaign

Daring “Now That’s A M*** F*** Burger” creative appearing on London’s roads

Vegan food brand, Meatless Farm, is using Adverttu, the UK’s fastest growing transit media platform known for its memorableon-car advertising, in its new £1.5 million national advertising campaignfor meat free burgers. Meatless Farm’s striking creative will appear on a number of electric cars throughout London.

Michael Hunter, Chief Growth Officer at Meatless Farm, said: “We were impressed by Adverttu’s audience and reach capabilities and felt the branded electric cars would be a statement on our brand’s personality, championing of innovation and the cheekiness of this campaign.”

Adverttu makes on-car advertising easy. Meatless Farm selected its targeting criteria - specific London boroughs, electric car owner, mileage – using Adverttu’s campaign planner and Adverttu’s technology then automatically sourced drivers that matched the brand’s profile. Each driver receives up to £175 per month for taking part.

Over the next 8 weeks, Meatless Farm's branded cars are expected to generate 10,140,630 impressions. This number is produced by Adverttu’s AI-powered simulation and modelling capabilities, which bring together 28 real-time data sources to accurately estimate audience impressions. Adverttu also accounts for any COVID-19 related change in pedestrian and motoring densities.

At any point during the campaign Meatless Farm can review total distance covered, route and ad effectiveness, impressions generated and £CPM via Adverttu’s reporting. Adverttu’s granular data and flexible campaign management lets Meatless Farm analyse and optimise any part of its campaign, right down to a single car.

Artjom Jekimtsev, CEO and founder of Adverttu, said: “Meatless Farm’s personality matches ours perfectly – cheeky, fun and endlessly passionate. This relationship is particularly exciting for us because it’s our first EV-exclusive advertising campaign to appear on the UK’s roads. Electric cars are an increasingly popular choice in our 18,000+ fleet, especially with consumers gravitating towards ethical brands and greener shopping.”

Meatless Farm will also use Adverttu’s recently launched digital capabilities that allow advertisers to distribute complementary messages to anyone that a branded car passes by in close proximity. This is delivered through shadowfencing, which combines geolocation technology with automated programmatic advertising. Adverttu is the first company to offer this type of digital advertising in the UK and Europe.

Artjom Jekimtsev continued: “Meatless Farm is the latest brand to recognise the possibilities of Adverttu. No other out of home advertising provider comes close to our blend of technology, data, memorability, creativity and reach. With its audacious message and light-hearted visuals, Meatless Farm’s cars are going to turn heads on the street!”

Meatless Farm’s campaign is also appearing on TV, radio, billboards, social media and supermarket packaging. Sales in the plant-based food company’s products have tripled to 179% year on year.

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