Tips to help you reduce your car expenses during COVID-19 period

Just a few months ago, our world was incredibly mobile and global. The future of mobility was on-trend, with discussions about multimodal transport and debates about the challenges of micro-mobility and last mile delivery.

Adverttu is, above all, a community of drivers. Today, this community faces a new challenge: how to manage the costs of owning a car when you’re not allowed to drive as much?

This blog contains some useful advice and money saving tips that every car owner can use during the lockdown era.


1. Stay safe and limit social contact


Health is the number one priority for the entire world right now. Whenever possible, you should stay home, however there are circumstances when you do have to drive somewhere. If so, limit your interactions with other people and follow public health guidelines.

When refuelling, try to choose contactless payment options, such as Shell’s Fill Up and Go programme. By the way, hopefully you have noticed that fuel prices have gone down – small positives!


If your car were to unfortunately breakdown, contactless repair options are available - Fixter is one such company.

And if you need to change your tires, we have found a deal for you! Kwik Fit offers a 10% discount when you buy two or more tires.


And in these extraordinary times, if you do need to drive, then try to have a plan B in the event that you do have a breakdown (or an accident) by letting others know you are travelling and, if possible, who could come to your aid and provide transport. Lastly try to remember to check tire pressures as well as oil, water, coolant and fuel levels before setting out as these simple checks could save you a whole heap of hassle!


2. Check your insurance


Even if you aren’t driving for a prolonged period of time, you are still legally obliged to insure your car.

If your income has been affected by Covid-19 and you can’t afford to make your regular insurance payments, do reach out to your insurer – they may be able to help because of the exceptional circumstances.


This period could also be an opportunity to optimise your insurance payments.

Websites such as MoneySuperMarket can help you find the best deal currently available. This insurer offers a 10% discount on their policies if you buy them online - great money saving tip while staying at home!


You should also know that if you are using your own car as a volunteer – for instance, to deliver medicine or groceries, or to support others who are impacted by Covid-19, your insurance premium and cover will not be affected. You do not need to contact your insurer to update your documents or extend your cover. 


3. Buying a car is a big deal


If you happen to need a new car, you might find some really good deals.

Check out this proposition from Volkswagen: the brand is responding to the virus pandemic with great car financing deals: 0% for 72 months with no down payment and the first payment deferred for 180 days.


In the meantime, Carwow launched its zero-contact buying experience dubbed “Deliver and Disinfect”: when you get a new car delivered to your home, the delivery driver will disinfect the car prior to handover, and also drop documents through your letterbox.


4. Reduce your car ownership costs


We’ve already mentioned how your costs will go down with cheaper fuel and perhaps, if possible, a new insurance policy.


Remember, as an Adverttu driver you can use Kerb for a discount on your parking fees. Kerb can also help you earn some money if you list a parking space you’re not currently using.


5. Have fun with your kids!


At Adverttu, we are obviously huge fans of cars. Are your kids car fans too? If so, we have a deal for you: the Petersen Automotive Museum has started free educational live-streams for kids, which include car balloon making lessons and licence plate decorating sessions.

Try it out at home!

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