So, what exactly is swarming?

Our media moves. Which means you can put your branded vehicles, (almost) anywhere!

A ‘swarming event’ harnesses the flexibility of our medium and translates it into a powerful and incredibly visual message – all whilst communicating your message in the perfect place, at the perfect time.

As the name suggests, swarming events utilise your fleet in any campaign and direct drivers to congregate at a specific location and time. Vehicles can either be driving around the location, or parked together. 

So what does this look like?

  1. Creating a presence at an event 

This year events are going to be back but not as we know it. Use your branded vehicles, to create a presence at an event (where you may, or may not be a sponsor). Use this as a “summer series” or a one off. 

  1. Creating your own pop-up event

No budget for venue hire? Or perhaps you are looking to target multiple locations in one day? You can bring vehicles to a public location and brand ambassadors to make some (extra) noise. 

  1. Creating new brand messages, with multiple vehicles

Diving further into how you can really use your media to work for your messaging, why not create a “slogan” pack. 

  1. Competition is fun

It’s simple really, brands need a competitive edge, why not find the road edge near your competitor? 

Find out how you can make the most of summer, with a swarming event for your brand. Request a demo and let’s make 2021 something to talk about! 

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