The Benefits of Vehicle Advertising For Advertisers And Drivers

From running carbon neutral ad campaigns to supporting gig economy drivers, we've compiled the reasons why our on-vehicle advertising is great for brands and drivers alike.

We love what we do here at Adverttu – providing results for our advertisers and working with drivers to provide them with an additional income. We have compiled some of the reasons why opting for vehicle advertising is the right choice, whether you are looking to advertise or drive with us.

Here are some of the many ways both advertisers and drivers can benefit from vehicle advertising and working with the Adverttu team!  

Benefits for advertisers 

An essential aspect of any business, a marketing strategy must be well thought out and strategically planned, utilising all the appropriate and cost-effective means of reaching an audience.

For our advertisers, there are many benefits of choosing to use on-vehicle advertising as part of an OOH marketing strategy. Simple, budget-friendly and effective at producing results, vehicle advertising is a popular advertisement method, especially when powered by data and digital integration.

For advertisers, it’s easy to start working with Adverttu and launch a vehicle advertising campaign.

Attention-grabbing – Wrapping a moving vehicle in branded, colourful and bold car wraps is sure to grab the attention of pedestrians and other motorists. At Adverttu we can wrap our drivers’ cars in several ways. So whether you want a full vehicle wrap or a simple rear window wrap – we’ve got you covered. 

Reach a wider audience – As your wrapped vehicles move around your chosen location, your brand will reach a broad audience. This widespread exposure is much more likely to generate interactions. With the digital integrations, we can offer smart ways to boost your campaign too. 

Most affordable form of OOH media – Car advertising is a great choice when considering your marketing budget and optimising costs. When you calculate the number of people who will interact with your car advertisement, this is the most affordable and cost-effective method of out-of-home marketing.

Mobile – choose any location – The mobility of car advertising is possibly one of the best benefits to advertisers. Being able to select any location for your ad campaign, whether you want to acquire new customers or raise awareness of your new brand, vehicle advertising can expose your ad far and wide. 

Carbon neutral advertising - At Adverttu, we offset all the carbon emissions for every single car in a campaign. We’re the only transit media company in the UK to do this, helping advertisers to create greener roads.

Benefits for drivers 

At Adverttu, we work with a range of drivers with various vehicle types, whether you drive city cars, execs, electric vehicles, vans, trucks, mopeds, or even a Tuk-Tuk. We simply ask that all our drivers own a vehicle older than 2012, have a valid driving license, road tax and insurance.

To get started, it couldn’t be easier by downloading our easy-to-use app

Earn while driving – The key benefit for many drivers is the opportunity to make additional cash each month. Most Adverttu drivers can earn up to £150/month, potentially earning more if driving a luxury or electric car and participating in our unique swarms and promo events. This additional monthly income could help pay your car lease, fuel, or insurance costs! 

Social impact – By wrapping your vehicle with ads from the hottest brands, you can wow your local community with your car wrap and have the chance to hype some of your fave brands!

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