Who is Adverttu?

A little glimpse into Adverttu, who we are, what we do. Take a further look into our services and how we can help you!

Who is Adverttu? Well, glad you asked, we’re your fairy car mother ...well not exactly. But we can help you make money while driving.  The truth is everyone drives, but not everyone gets paid for it. Wouldn’t it be great if you could get paid up to £150 to go to the grocery store? Or even to work? That’s where we come in. It really is as easy as it sounds.

Once you sign up, just tell us about your driving habits: Where you go, how often or if there is a location you frequent more often than others. The next step is much like a dating app, except instead of finding you there right person, we find you the right company! We match your driving habits with their driving requirements. Don’t worry, you’ll have options and it'll be up to you to choose who to drive for. Once you choose a campaign to drive for, you’ll be asked to set an appointment to get your car wrapped. That’s right! You get to wrap and protect your vehicle with awesome logos, catchy slogan and/or bright colors on high quality vinyl. You’ll definitely be looking cool and getting paid while doing it. After your vehicle is wrapped, here comes the easy part. Just drive!

Track your mileage and how far you’ve got to go in your campaign with our Adverttu app. When the campaign is over, you set an appointment for an un-wrap and you’re done, unless you want to enroll in another campaign. It’s that simple. Adverttu has found a way to make driving worth it, so sign up now to earn while you drive!

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