What is Adverttu?

Adverttu is a company that launches a new outdoor advertising solution for SMEs. We utilise private cars to help companies advertise to local neighbourhoods, helping them raise awareness of their products and services in a flexible and cost-effective way whilst at the same time rewarding local private car drivers.

How much exposure is one Adverttu Driver equal to?

Each Adverttu Driver is equivalent to a baseline of 500 miles per month and an average of 150,000 impressions per month. There is slight variability depending upon the size or the region the company is targeting.

How do you calculate impressions (OTS)?

Our clients have access to a bespoke online platform that provides easy access to their marketing campaign, enabling them to monitor, assess, amend or extend an existing campaign. Our Unique Selling Point lies within our clever Tele-metrics that utilises data from a mobile application as an input along with in-house built AI algorithms and an abundance of data, that help us calculate an approximate number of impressions each Adverttu vehicle generates. We base the OTS outcome on the simultaneous analysis of the following parameters; vehicle type, average congestion, probable amount of people in the area, time of the day, among others.

Who are your drivers?

Adverttu drivers are safe, high-mileage drivers who want to make some extra disposable income for driving around with a brand on their car. It’s passive side income for doing something they’re already doing – driving. To be more specific, our drivers are local professionals. They have a consistent driving pattern, have a 2009 model car or newer, and like and support the brand they are driving with.

What if Adverttu Driver gets into an accident?

If an accident occurs with our Drivers, promptly notify Adverttu, which in turn gets passed back to the client. The decal is removed from the car, and a replacement driver is used for the duration of the campaign. This is a rare occurrence as all of our drivers have been screened to ensure the highest degree of safe driving.

How do you prove the wrap is still on Adverttu car safe and secure?

When the campaign begins, Adverttu drivers are obligated to send photos of their clean and maintained vehicles on a weekly basis to release the payment along with an in-house developed compliance tool (details upon request.)

How do stickers affect driver’s insurance?

The legal arrangement Adverttu structures with its’ Drivers is that of an independent contractor. We contract the right to put our client’s brand on the side of their car. We explicitly state that the Drivers are never to drive around for the sake of advertising - this ensures that the Driver's personal car liability coverage stays intact. If an accident occurs, the driver's personally held car liability coverage is in effect because they were driving for personal reasons; not for the commercial ones.

How do you select Drivers for our campaign?

Simply tell us the geography you’re looking to target with your campaign, the longevity and the number of Drivers you want to include. Our matching algorithm will select the appropriate Drivers that match your criteria according to their driving patterns.

Can I give my campaign’s marketing materials to Drivers to hand-out?

We do highly encourage our brand partners to give us marketing material that we can give to your campaign’s Drivers. Our Drivers are stopped frequently and asked about the car and the featured brand, so it’s favourable to give curious inquirers a call-to-action. It is important to mention that our Drivers are not obligated to go out of their way to pass out material.

What is your pricing model?

Adverttu monthly charge is based upon a fixed price per car for every car in your Adverttu campaign. Our cost per mile falls between £0.15 - £0.45 depending upon the targeted borough’s population density. If you have any specific pricing questions regarding your next campaign with us: - Drop us a line on myteam@adverttu.com - Or simply call our office on 020 7884 1393

How long does it take for my campaign to go live?

It will indeed depend on the number of vehicles involved and the region you are targeting. However, our average "campaign preparation period" is no longer than two weeks.

What is Adverttu?

The main idea of Adverttu is to create a medium between a company, which is running an advertising campaign and drivers who are willing to use their cars as moving billboards for the daily driving commute around the UK.

What are the minimum requirements to become Adverttu driver?

- 17 years or older
- Clean driving record
- Own a 2009* or newer vehicle

* Some 2008 or older vehicles might be accepted onto the Adverttu platform, depending on the physical appearance of a motor vehicle. Please, write us on info@adverttu.com for more information.

What condition my vehicle should be in to apply?

It should in a clean and maintained condition with no paint damage.

How much can I make?

You can expect to earn up to £150 a month, depending on your driving habits and the monthly mileage.

How long does it take to get my car wrapped?

Our average wrap time is 24 minutes and 17 seconds. Just enough for us to clarify the campaign details, potentially give out some promotional materials and enjoy a cup of tea or coffee! (The drink is on us.)

Will it damage my car?

Not a chance! The wrap is specifically designed to protect your vehicle's paint and to be installed and removed cleanly by our professionals without damage to factory original painted surfaces.

Does Adverttu share my personal details to anyone else?

Absolutely not! We have a very strict policy about sharing any personally identifiable information. Only the driving habits data is shared with an advertiser you are working with, omitting any personal details such as your name and contact information.

Do I have to pay anything to get started?

Nope. Our service is free for the drivers and always will be.

Is there a minimum amount of miles I have to drive?

Yes. We expect you to drive at least 400 miles per month. However, that is due to be discussed during your registration process.

I finally have decided to become an Adverttu Driver. What should I do?

Head over to the App Store (for iPhones) or Google Play Market (for Android phones) and download our nifty mobile application, which will guide you through the setup process and will put a brand on the side of your car in no time.

I just signed up as a driver, how soon can I expect campaign offer?

Campaign availability is purely based on where our Advertisers are choosing to run their campaigns. Once they become available in your area, we will notify you via the app. From that point, you will decide which campaign to choose and when to start to "Earn While Driving".

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