How can your brand help
NHS Driver Volunteers?

Adverttu asked our 16,000+ drivers one simple question:

Are you an NHS volunteer?

The response was overwhelming. Many have already joined the fight; nurses, doctors, the armed forces, and incredible members of the general public. 
We believe this is a fantastic opportunity for everyone to help the men and women helping to take care of others.
Brands who fund this support package (in addition to receiving a ‘supported by’ namecheck on the vehicle signage) will be helping volunteers in two key ways:

This ensures that Volunteers are easily identified as necessary for being out on the road, helping and supplying those who need to stay safe and inside, with essential food and medicine.

Brands can help by considering a support decal which
proceeds go directly to the volunteer drivers.

Your brand, your colour,
Your support for the volunteer driver.

Brands Supporting Volunteer Driver Sponsorship Package

Driver Inclusions:
Brand Sponsorship Package:

Driver adhered decal:  
Your Brand is supporting this driver volunteer by keeping them on the road” Inc. printing, delivery & verification.

Initial setup up fee (/driver) of:
Includes: Bespoke supported by branded, driver’s side door Vinyl Decal & Volunteer Pack.


Volunteer Welcome Pack

Monthly sponsorship:
£100/month to the drivers as passive income.

Monthly fuel subsidy grant:
Directly to support the driver
Can be extended based on prevailing social distancing 
rules & guidelines.


Total x2 month driver support cost:

£300 + VAT

For more information, please contact your Adverttu Representative:
Katie McIntyre:
Remy Carmona:

Show your love and support

Brands Supporting Volunteer Driver Sponsorship Package

  • Payments received by Adverttu from supporter brands for printed signage & materials plus delivery and subsequent fuel payments (paid out at the end of each month with funds held in Escrow) are calculated at cost and are for a minimum of 2 months with £300 payment due in advance.
  • The campaign may be extended and the option to fund further £100 fuel supplement payments will be decided during the first 2 months depending on the prevailing social distancing and travel lockdown rules that apply.
  • There are no limits to the amount of drivers that brands can financially support.
  • Adverttu shall undertake its normal compliance procedures (based around time stamped vehicle photography) to ensure signage display is fully complied with.
  • Adverttu will liaise directly with brands and their supported drivers on specific requests for PR and marketing opportunities and where appropriate will make the necessary direct introductions.

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