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Grow your brand with our high-performance, digitally enhanced vehicle advertising

Plan, buy and deploy exceptional outdoor campaigns in just a few weeks.

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  • 45,000+ Adverttu drivers across the UK
  • Performance-driven outdoor advertising
  • Effortless measurement, attribution and tracking

How do we turn heads?

Adverttu supercharges vehicle advertising with smart digital integration

On-vehicle advertising

Raise brand awareness and accelerate business growth.

Creative, flexible and backed by data
  • Powerful and memorable branding
  • Most affordable out of home (OOH) media
  • Mobile, target any location
  • Easy, rapid launch
  • Trackable and scalable
Adverttu Wrapped Tesla Model S

Smart Digital Integration

We’re Europe’s first platform to transfer vehicle advertising to mobile devices in real-time.

Boost your campaign results with mobile display ads
  • Inspire action online
  • Drive ticket sales and website visits
  • Grow app downloads and streaming subscriptions
  • ️Encourage social conversations
  • Build brand awareness
  • Generate more retail store visits
  • An image illustrating Adverttu's Shadowfencing Technology


    Serve a trail of targeted mobile ads as your branded vehicle passes by.

  • An image illustrating Adverttu's Shadowfencing Technology


    Know exactly which customers came from your Adverttu campaign.

  • An image illustrating Adverttu's Shadowfencing Technology


    Be front of mind, again and again, with effortless optimisation.

  • An image illustrating Adverttu's Shadowfencing Technology


    Capture attention at the right place, right time with mobile ads near your branded vehicles.

See for yourself!

Sweet and simple! This is how our campaigns work.

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Adverttu Fleet

A wrap for every budget
  • Image illustrating Adverttu Fleet - Rear Window
    Rear Window
    2 Weeks
  • Image illustrating Adverttu Fleet - Rear Window
    Door Side
    2 Weeks
  • Image illustrating Adverttu Fleet - Rear Window
    Super Side
    2 Weeks
  • Image illustrating Adverttu Fleet - Rear Window
    Super Surround
    Pedestrains & Motorists
    3 Weeks
  • Image illustrating Adverttu Fleet - Rear Window
    Full Wrap
    Pedestrains & Motorists
    4 Weeks
  • Image illustrating Adverttu Fleet - Rear Window
    Pedestrains & Motorists
    4 Weeks
  • Image illustrating Adverttu Fleet - Rear Window
    Fleet Side
    4 Weeks


Create a buzz and get noticed with clusters of branded vehicles in one location

Swarming is our classic campaign add-on

Great for events, flash mobs, campaign activation and maximum buzz in the city.

Adverttu Campaign: Meatless Farm, Wrapped BMW i3

+50% Engagement impact

When you add Swarming to your campaign

+94% Engagement

When you combine Swarming and Shadowfencing

Adverttu: Start to Finish

What to expect

  • 01

    We Listen

    Tell us your marketing objectives and what data you want to measure.
    Adverttu Flow: We Listen
  • 02

    We Simulate

    Know how many people will see your ad before you start.
    Adverttu Flow: We Listen
  • 03

    We Propose

    We outline what journeys and digital boosts can achieve your goals within budget.
    Adverttu Flow: We Listen
  • 04

    We Wrap

    On average, Adverttu campaigns are on the road within just two weeks.
    Adverttu Flow: We Listen
  • 05

    We Track

    Your Adverttuur dashboard is updated every hour, so you can see ROI on-demand.
    Adverttu Flow: We Listen
  • 06

    We Optimise

    Want more cars on the road? Want to add Shadowfencing mobile ads? Update your campaign at any time.
    Adverttu Flow: We Listen

Get started now!

Ready to put your brand on the road?

Adverttu Mockup - Honey

Frequently Asked Questions

Find out more, if you have any questions, let us know!

This depends on the number of vehicles involved and the region you are targeting, however on average it’s no longer than two weeks.
Adverttu drivers are safe, high-mileage drivers who want to make extra passive income by simply driving around as normal but with a brand’s message on their car. To be more specific, our drivers are local residents with a consistent driving pattern, have a 2011 model car (or newer), and want to support the brand they are driving for.
Simply tell us the location(s) you’re looking to target (post code, borough, county, town or city) along with your target audience. Don’t forget your campaign’s duration and the number of vehicles you’d like to use.
Alternatively, tell us the location and target audience data along with a budget estimate and Adverttu’s platform will calculate the optimal campaign fleet size, £CPM rate and achievable reach.
Our matching algorithm will select the appropriate drivers who match your criteria according to their journey profiles.
Our advertisers and their ad agencies have access to a bespoke online platform that provides easy access to their ad campaign, enabling them to monitor, assess, amend or extend an existing campaign.

Long story short - data analysis!

Our competitive edge lies within our advanced telemetrics that analyses data from Adverttu’s GPS mobile application as an input, along with patent-pending probabilistic algorithms that combine with over 28 datasets. This enables our platform to calculate the minimal deliverable impressions each Adverttu vehicle can generate, all in real time.
We base this OTS outcome on the simultaneous analysis of these datasets that include vehicle type, motoring and pedestrian location densities, time of day/month/year and weather conditions, amongst others.
Each Adverttu driver delivers, on average, 600 miles per month and an average of approximately 12,000 impressions a day. This can slightly vary depending on the size of a region and its population density.
We can do anything! If you need a campaign lasting less than one month, then just ask. We can deliver ad-hoc swarming events, get you dedicated drivers that keep to an area or target hyper locally right down to a single street or building.
When your campaign begins, Adverttu drivers are obligated to send photos of their clean, well-maintained vehicles fortnightly to us. This releases their payment and our in-house compliance checking team are always watching!