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How much you say?

Cover your car costs, lease and petrol!

Most Adverttu drivers get up to £150/month. Grab more if you:

  • Have a luxury or electric car
  • Participate in swarms or promo events
  • Refer a friend

Car & Driver Requirements

All you need to know about Adverttu

  • Car Types

    Everyone’s welcome!

    City cars, execs, EVs, vans, trucks, mopeds. Tuk-tuk? You're welcome too!

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    Effortless, easy and exciting!

    A car newer than 2012 with insurance, road tax and valid driving licence.

  • Tons of Campaigns

    Want some extra cash?

    Requirements vary, but don't worry, we'll find your perfect match.

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Sweet and simple! This is how our campaigns work.

What else do I get?
It’s not just free cash!
  • Passive Income Wins

    Boost your cash driving your usual commute! Get the app, start applying.

  • Community & Social Impact

    Hype your favourite brand, drop jaws and wow people on the street!

  • App Rewards & Perks

    Instant access to awesome exclusive deals just because you're an Adverttu driver.

How does it work?

Quick registration, start earning.

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Our wrapping pros will take care of your car while you’re having a cup of coffee. Protects paint too!

Just keep driving, turn some heads and get paid for every mile you drive.

Get unwrapped and move onto your next campaign! Your paint will look as good as new.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Find out more, if you have any questions, let us know!

It’s easy! Grab our app, enter a few details and watch the money roll in

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Your car should be newer than 2011. Some older vehicles might be accepted because of their interesting design, but please check with us first.
You can earn up to £175 a month depending on the amount of impressions (people who see your car) you generate while driving. Only those in the locations selected by your campaign’s advertiser count.
Don't forget - each campaign involves different wrapping types and therefore earnings can vary!
Nope. Our service is free for drivers and always will be.
We calculate your earnings using our AIR system. We check this each month ourselves, then pay your money into your bank account.
See available campaigns in the “Home” section of the Adverttu app
  1. Open the Adverttu app - make sure you keep it running in the background while driving to get licence points.
  2. You'll need at least a ‘D licence’ to apply to campaigns
  3. If you successfully match a campaign’s criteria, an Adverttu team member will contact you to prepare your vehicle for branding.
  4. Some campaigns require higher licences to participate
Meanwhile, don't forget to take advantage of our exclusive discounts and perks :)
We operate a strict policy relating to personally identifiable information. Only an individual’s driving habits are shared with the advertiser -any personal details, such as your name and contact information, are omitted.
Given that your income earned is purely passive and that you are simply exploiting your normal motoring journeys, the legal arrangement Adverttu has with you is that of an independent contractor. We contract the right to put our client’s advertising on your car. We explicitly state in our Driver T&Cs that a driver is not allowed to drive around just for the sake of the advertising. This ensures compliance with private motor insurance cover if you are under a ‘domestic and work commute only’ motor insurance policy. If an accident occurs, your policy cover is invoked because you were driving for personal and domestic reasons; not for commercial or business reasons. If you have any concerns, please check with your insurer as you might have particular conditions that you previously agreed to.
Please check you have done the following:
  • Have you enabled your Location Permission (Setting>Apps & Notifications > App info> Adverttu) as "ALLOW ALL THE TIME"?
  • Have you enabled your Physical Activity Permission (Setting>Apps & Notifications > App info> Adverttu) as “ALLOW” ?
  • Do you keep your Adverttu app open in the background while driving?
Our system takes into consideration the discrepancies that can occur between your odometer and your GPS.
We call this calculation AIR (Ad Impression Rating) and the more you drive in populated areas, the more AIR you generate, and therefore the more your progress bar move ups.